Collab Ultra - Control Moderator -> Participant Private Chat

Idea created by sb0047778 on Mar 29, 2019
    Under review

    ** Creating this on behalf of Federacion Peruana de Futbol **


    At this time, it looks like the only way to turn off Participant -> Moderator private chat is to remove the entire chat privilege from Participants.


    Federacion Peruana de Futbol is looking for a way to leave the chat feature on, but remove all private chat ability, this includes Participant -> Participant and Participant -> Moderator, specifically. It's important that the participants have the ability to still chat to everyone in the general room.


    Perhaps an option under Session Settings where "Only show profile pictures for Moderators" is, an option for "Allow Private Chat with Moderators" or maybe even a personalized setting for each moderator and whether or not they would like to receive private chats.


    The idea here is to help reduce the distractions for the teacher.



    Product Version (if applicable):1