Daily Notifications email & the Announcement tool

Idea created by gc25512 on Mar 21, 2019
    Under review

    We would like to see the Daily Notifications email that is generated, include the Announcement tool whether or not the 'send immediately' box is checked.

    Currently, the announcement forms part of the Daily Notifications email, only if the box is unchecked. If the box is checked, the system assumes the announcement to no longer be 'new' and so does not include it within the Daily Notifications email.

    I would also mention that Bb has no way of knowing whether the emailed copy of the announcement was read by the recipients, so cannot assume this is no longer 'new'... Either way, all announcements should be deemed 'Important Notifications' or admins should be able to choose which behaviour the system follows in this circumstance. Perhaps adding an 'do not include in Daily Notifications email' checkbox to opt-out if Instructors wish to.


    Thanks (& apologies if already submitted)

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