Allow Client to Modify Font Size for TinyMCE Editor

Idea created by jm0069892 on Mar 19, 2019
    Under review

    The default font size for the TinyMCE editor is unusually small and we've had requests from our campus accessibility team to have it increased. Although we can make stylesheet and CSS modifications to most of the theme through the boost custom theme options, TinyMCE HTML editor has it's own separate stylesheet that currently (per BB support) can not be edited.


    It looks like the stylesheet that needs to be edited in order to increase that font size is and OpenLMS clients don't have access or privileges to make modifications to that stylesheet. This would mean getting BB's help in investigating and implementing a solution for us.


    I'd like to recommend an overall change to the default stylesheet "add: body#tinymce {font-size: 1em;}"

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