Correcting misleading button with eraser icon in BBCU whiteboard

Idea created by eb0069926 on Mar 14, 2019
    Under review

    Tool: BB Collaborate Ultra -> Share Blank Whiteboard


    The button with the rubber eraser icon in the whiteboard is very misleading.


    The expectation of any user is that such a button can delete only a selected area, but when the button is pressed the entire drawing area is erased, without even asking for confirmation nor specifying that the whole drawing will be lost.


    Our suggestions to solve this problem of functionality/usability are:


    • use for the button an icon with a trash can (instead of a rubber eraser) or, at least, write "Clear all" in the related label/tooltip (instead of "Clear" only)
    • possibly, show a confirmation dialog when the button is pressed


    Further, we know that it is possible to delete a single item by selecting the single picture/text and pressing delete or backspace on the keyboard but this fact, unfortunately, is not highlighted in any way when using the whiteboard.


    Clear (LabelTooltip) in whiteboard.png

    Product Version (if applicable):1