REST API for rubrics

Idea created by ja29127 on Mar 11, 2019
    Under review

    It would be helpful to have ways to interact with rubrics that are within a course.  Several schools use rubrics, especially for use with accreditation.  While currently you can load students' submissions for assignments in courses, and the grades for those submissions, there is no way to determine how the student performed against a particular rubric.


    Some potential endpoints could include (but are not limited to):

    • Get Course Rubrics (course ID)
    • Get Rubric (course ID, rubric ID)
    • Get Rubric for Content (course ID, content ID)
      • (such as for assignments, discussions, etc.)
      • The rubric attached to a particular piece of content
    • Get Rubric for Attempt (course ID, attempt ID)
      • The rubric used to grade a particular submission
      • This should include a breakdown of the points granted for the submission
    • Create Rubric (course ID)
    • Delete Rubric (course ID, rubric ID)
    • Update Rubric (course ID, rubric ID)
    Product Version (if applicable):0