Better attendee's report for the Moodle LMS BC Plugin

Idea created by es0076897 on Mar 7, 2019
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    Hi BB comunity and developers team,

    in reference to the procedure to extract the attendee's report for the Moodle LMS plugin through the web Collaborate we would like to propose to improve this functionality in order to have better traceability and automation and control capacity.


    The actual available option offered by BB team is to manually obtain this attendee's reports through the web using an unique manager account. This procedure provides us global data that is difficult to be matched against the corresponding information contained in the Moodle LMS and therefore causes a big delay in presenting reliable reports to the different departments of the University.


    For these reasons, we would like to consult the following consultations or product enhacement suggestions:


    Consultation #1. In reference to the 'SessionID' record of the attendee's report:


    we have a 'sessionid' record within the attendee's report excel document that is only detected in the MySQL table of Moodle LMS 'mdl_collaborate', as a substring of the guesturl field. Example:

    SELECT * FROM mdluax.mdl_collaborate where id = 3684

    (screenshot #1 form's view in mysqlworkbench of the end of the record)

    Screenshot 1.png

    We need this 'sessionid' in some table or mysql field. Is it recorded in any other table other than the mdl_collaborate table?

    Is there any way to generate this reference, perhaps by activating the plugin log?

    (screenshot #2 attached about the 'collaborate | logrange' drop-down list available in the Moodle plugin configuration options)

    Screenshot 2.png

    Consultation #2. In reference to the utilization of the Moodle LMS Log:


    we have found records within the 'mdl_logstore_standardlog' table that give us greater reliability to detect the interactions of Moodle with blackboard in the plugin-based integration than in the integration based on LTI.


    In the plugin-based integration we have records that can be drawn with the following query:

    Select * from mdl_logstore_standard_log where l.component = 'mod_collaborate' and l.action = 'launched'


    ... with a high level of coincidence with Excel Attendee's report records ...


    However, it seems that in the LTI-based integration we do not have this level of coincidence nor l.action = 'launched', only registers based on lti integration. Fortunately, at the moment the only lti integration that we propose is the one we do with Blackboard ultra:


    select * from mdl_logstore_standard_log where l.component = 'mod_lti';


    • Apparently, the integration that provides better records at the log level is the integration of mod_collaborate. Is it like that?

    • Is there any other table from which we can identify Moodle-bb ultra traceability?

    • Is there any plan on the part of blackboard to improve this traceability?


    Consultation and suggestion of attendee's report improvement #3. In reference to users' information treatment:


    Is it necessary for the Moodle user names and surnames to arrive on Blackboard, would not it be enough, by RGPD, for the userid to arrive only? Is it possible to include the LMS's user id field within the attendee's report?


    Consultation/Improvement #4. In reference to automation of obtaining reports:


    We need to be able to obtain attendee's report records in the following order of preference:


    • Directly through synchronized Moodle tables, for example, through batch tasks that will run within the Moodle cron.

    • Directly from an existing api on the blackboard server (



    LMS Details:


    Engine: Moodle

    Version to be considered: 3.5 and 3.1


    Please let us know feedback about the consultations from the BB teams an if the enhacement requests sound reasonable and can be taken into consideration.


    Thanks in advance

    Product Version (if applicable):