Disabled Enrollment:  Grade Center Read Only Smart View

Idea created by kevin.blobaum on Mar 6, 2019
    Under review

    In order to comply with Federal Financial Aid requests our instructors are routinely asked to provide the last date academic work was submitted by students that no longer appear on their grade rosters because they have previously been dropped or withdrawn from the course and are disabled via the SIS Integration process.  Currently there is no easy way for instructors to access this information to comply with these common requests.

    I would love to see Blackboard add the ability for instructors to query this information easily from the GradeCenter of their course.  A read only Smart View for disabled users makes a lot of sense, but this data could be made assessable through a variety of other means. 



    It is my understanding that this is very common problem at other institutions as well and an addition I believe would be well received.   

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