Bb-created PDFs should be accessible

Idea created by cbergeron on Mar 5, 2019
    Under review

    We've just turned on Ally for a test course (one of my old ones, EDUC2300_Fall2016_11150_O_M). Under Syllabus & Information > Rubrics, the rubric PDFs (created from Control Panel > Course Tools > Rubrics > [pick one] > Edit > Print > PDF are marked as Untagged PDFs.


    This isn't the fault of Ally per se, but I foresee some faculty tut-tutting about "why doesn't Blackboard export accessible PDFs?"


    So, a suggestion for the development team - spend some effort to make the printable PDFs that Bb generates - reports, rubrics, etc - at least somewhat accessible.  It'll help folks like me avoid uncomfortable conversations with faculty.

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