Collapsed list of announcements

Idea created by mygyro on Mar 5, 2019
    Under review

    Every term I teach a class I've done before, I scrub my old announcement list...removing some, re-dating others to roll out later in the course, adding or modifying announcements, changing the order.


    The drag handle on the left side of each announcement doesn't work if the announcement is too large. The announcement just slides up and down the screen without scrolling the screen or moving the announcement before or after the adjacent announcements.


    It's easy to move an announcement though, by clicking on the up and down arrows command at the top right of the announcement list. The problem is, if you have a mix of current and future announcements, you can't see which is which. So you still don't necessarily know which announcement to move where, even though you now have a way to move them.


    That's why I'd like to be able to print out a list of all of the names of the announcements (without their bodies), and I can mark off the ones that belong at different points in time in the course.


    Then we can both know what announcement goes when in the upcoming course, and reorder them into that order.


    We can get a collapsed list like this on the pages where we put curriculum items. Just for some reason, not on the announcement page.


    Right now all we can do is make little screenshots of the drop-down window at the upper right, and paste them into something like a word document that shows the whole list of announcements in order by title only so it is easy to work with them.

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