Rubrics - force completion

Idea created by ghedges on Feb 28, 2019
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    For Learn 9.1


    Hello, I'd like to submit a feature request on behalf of a member of staff.


    They'd like the ability to make completing a rubric for a Blackboard assignment to be required/not required - perhaps as part of the BB assignment setup options once you've attached a rubric?


    Currently, you can submit a grade on a Blackboard assignment without needing to fill in the attached rubric – this is quite often missed because it is hidden behind a drop-down (the thin blue line can be easily missed). Making it required (or maybe even making this rubric window display as open on default?) would help with this as it would force markers into completing it rather than ignoring it. The staff in question have already put together guidance on marking but this has been ignored so a way for the system to make sure it is capturing this info would be really helpful. Hope this makes sense! Happy to be advised if there is something I've missed!


    Cheers, Gareth

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