Confirm before refreshing/closing discussion thread

Idea created by ds30756 on Feb 26, 2019
    Under review

    A Miami Dade College student submitted a ticket to our technical support team asking that we put in a Blackboard request to require a confirm before the discussion board closes in case the student hits the wrong keys.


    From the student, "I was using Blackboard, inside a Discussion thread, wrote a 300 word essay, and accidentally hit Ctrl+R instead of Ctrl+F. Blackboard did not ask if I wanted to confirm refreshing the page, as any other website would and SHOULD. Instead, Blackboard simply exited, making me lose all my work I wrote. I am requesting that Blackboard confirm user's exit, if they did NOT press "Save Draft". I understand I will never get back those 2 hours that I spent, but my request is so that OTHERS won't experience the same frustration like I did. Please escalate this issue, and get Blackboard to put in this missing feature."

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