BB Collaborate private chat with moderators when chat is off.

Idea created by hull on Feb 25, 2019
    Under review

    My school uses the browser based blackboard classrooms. When chat privileges are off you have no way to communicate with your teacher. If there was a way to directly message the teacher while chat is off it might make a few things a bit better. For example if a teacher starts class and says, "Hello, welcome to our class today. Can you guys hear me?" and chat is off no one can say anything. The teacher will first think the problem is the mic. I've actually had a teacher spend several minutes trying to figure it out.  If this feature is added one of the students can say, "We can hear you but chat is not on." There are several other places this would be useful too. Of course it would have to be disabled from student to student or a there would be a lot of off topic chat.

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