Collaborate Ultra - Allow session creator to set default notification settings for attendees

Idea created by ukeyream on Feb 20, 2019
    Reviewed by Product Management

    Of the (potentially) hundreds of people joining a Collaborate Ultra webinar, how many of them are likely wanting to hear an audio "ping" by default when someone types a text message? Would be great if the audio notifications (at least) could be turned off by default by a session creator.


    Users could have the option to turn them back on if they wanted, but by default, muted would likely be preferable.


    We currently try to combat this by having a slide up on screen when people join the room (example slide) explaining how to turn off the pings, but having the option to change this en masse for an audience (either before or during a session) would be great.


    Similarly, if you have a guest presenter unfamiliar with Collaborate and the presenter doesn't turn off audio pings, the whole audience can hear the pings coming from the presenter's speakers whenever anyone joins/adds a chat message. Can be unpleasant in a session with dozens/hundreds of attendees.

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