Updated dictionaries included in localization

Idea created by bb0048849 on Feb 18, 2019
    Reviewed by Product Management

    We are looking for a Danish dictionary to install in our Blackboard. The format is known and dictionaries are out there and it can be done. But we must find, install and maintain such a dictionary ourselves.
    In our view, dictionaries were ideally part of localization. That is, for any language pack available for Blackboard there would also be a dictionary in that language, and it would be maintained by Blackboard as part of the Localization programme in which client reviewers contribute to its quality.

    We currently only offer English (UK), English (US) and Spanish, which I believe is standard. But even the English is not up-to-date. Words like online, podcast, blog etc. are pointed out as incorrect.

    Please introduce updated dictionaries as part of localization.

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