Add freehand annotation with colour to Box for assignment marking

Idea created by andyr on Feb 17, 2019
    Under review

    I'd like to move our physics team to fully online assignment submission.  However, Box only has one freehand function, which supports horrendously crude mouse inputs. 


    Over 40% of tertiary students are in STEM subjects and all rely heavily on symbolic notation, in the form of scientific or mathematical language.  Box's freehand function does not support this, as it appears not to work consistently with tablet & stylus input.


    I propose that the team should focus on delivering annotation functions that support input from USB tablets and styli and ensure that this works across all common browsers.  Furthermore I believe we should have the options of ink colour, eraser and pen thickness.  These are basic functions seen in many apps which use tablet input.  There is no point in us using Blackboard for assignment submission if we cannot quickly correct student working or calculations and its omission reflects poorly on the alignment of the software with modern educational requirements.




    Dr Andy Ross

    Physics, Victoria University of Wellington

    New Zealand

    Product Version (if applicable):0