Batch Upload Files to Grade Center

Idea created by dmorabito on Feb 16, 2019
    Reviewed by Product Management

    Similar to the Grade Center feature Work Offline that allows the Download of grades into a spreadsheet format where new grades can be entered and then the spreadsheet can be Uploaded back into Grade Center and the students grades are populated there is a real need to have a similar feature to allow the upload of marked student files.


    My students submit excel files and I download these from Grade Center using Assignment File Download.  Files are batch downloaded into a .zip file and are coded with Assignment Name_Student Name_File Name.xlsx.  I mark these spreadsheets and append the name to Assignment Name_Student Name_MARKED.xlsx.


    While I am able to batch upload all of the students marks in Grade Centre through Work Offline/Upload I must go into each individual students grade and manually attach their marked spreadsheet. This takes about 7 mouse clicks per file plus considerable lag time between.  A batch upload of marked student files through Work Offline/Upload or a new feature to allow for Assignment File Upload in the assignment itself would save literally hours of work.


    Hopefully this feature is something that can be considered.  If there is already a work-around to do this I would appreciate knowing about it.



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