Ordered List of Speakers with auto-Queuing

Idea created by mero on Feb 14, 2019
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    Improve Collaborate Ultra's display of hands raised. Anybody in the session should see a resorted list in the participant table, where participants having raised their hands form a queue with the first raised hand on top.


    Use Case: In a session, a certain aspect causes several participants to raise their hand. This is challenging session leaders, who want to give the floor in a first come first serve way - if the audience is too big to fit the current participant table visible at once or if the participant table is not sticked permanently visible on leader's browser.



    In my moderator's master class, some members reported their perplexity being unsure what to do, if the number of raised hands grows up quickly. Consulting the participant table delivers a list of participants sorted alphabetically, which has to be scanned for hand raise symbols by scrolling down. The usual workaround is to give the floor to the first symbol becoming visible. However, the first student has a clear insight to be hi scored first hand raiser - getting demotivated to engage, if the name is end of listed.


    Standard use cases we implemented in Collaborate Classic:

    Many teachers new to online classes tend to react on raised hands in the same way as in their physical classroom: They "give the floor" by "hand-over the microphone". This arrangement is unnecessarily restrictive and time consuming. It requires the teacher to see the whole class at once to form a queued list in mind. As Collaborate Classic already comes with the automated speaker's queue as described in this idea, we advised teachers to negociate an unrestrictive ruleset with their classes:


    - If "microphones open" was announced, anybody having raised the hand may start to speak immediately without special leader's permission, if he/she gets No. 1 shown on the queued list.

    - If the current contributor is finished, he/she has to lower the own hand
    - No. 2 automatically becomes No.1


    This auto-queing is also very efficient in Q&A mode, where each question from the queue is answered from the trainer.

    We advise the trainers to signal the end of their answer by "Nex Question please". More sophisticated, they may lower the hand of question 1 with moderator permission, if answer 1 was finished.


    Implementation Proposal:

    I got never any improvement request on Collaborate Classic's speaker's queue implementation since more than a decade. For those who are not familiar with "the advanced Original Experience", let me illustrate by screenshots.


    Similar to Ultra's middle set of four buttons, each Classic participant has a dashboard with the handraiser button. If the hand is raised, the button shows a number, which is in fact the position in the queue. This is unlike Ultra, where any participant's button shows the same: The total number of hands raised (Not very important, except for triggering teacher's heartbeat, if raising up, see above))


    I assume a session with one trainer and four students (mostly engaged by showing emoticons). As with Ultra, the list of participants is ordered alphabetically below the list of moderators.

    Now, trainer demands for Q&A. Student 4 is the first hand raiser, gets No.1 and the top position on the list

    Three hands raised are listed in the order of their appearance, while the rest of the participants (student 2) is listed below as usual. Student 4 has the permission to speak just by the top position or No 1 badged.


    If teacher also raises the hand, Classic sorts it into queue like anyone (according to Classic's open instructional philosophy "Any teacher should also become student from time to time - and vice versa").
    However, the Moderator role keeps position above the current No1 participant.

    In a possible Ultra implementation of this queuing, it might be discussed, if moderators and presenters should get no.2 immediately to become the next speaker, no matter how long the queue is. As said above, German teachers are sportsman by culture and feel such as sling tackle foul. Your opinion?


    In the final shot, you see the queue count down. Student 1, 4 are finished with their contribution and lowered their hands. At this time, the trainer has the ball and student 2 is finally scheduled to contribute.


    I hope, this visualisation describes my implementation proposal clear enough. It should also illustrate, why any of our "Originally experienced" trainers desperately miss this function while migrating to Collaborate Ultra, as it is a great time saver.


    I hope that the Collaborate product management considers to queue this idea, which seems to be a minor piece of code delivering a huge practical usability improvement.



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    Product Version (if applicable):1