Attempts After Due Date Should Not Trigger Needs Grading By Deafult

Idea created by clint.brooks on Feb 11, 2019
    Under review

    Currently, as we've found after multiple tickets on BTB, the test tool is designed to automatically list test attempts as "Needs Grading" if the attempts are submitted after the Due Date. This is confusing to instructors, in part because there is no clear in-system documentation clarifying this situation, and in part because it is counter-intuitive behavior for automatically grading content to show up as Needs Grading for any reason.


    Blackboard should replace this functionality with one of the following changes:


    1. The choice to show attempts after the due date as Needs Grading should be an opt-in option, rather than the default setting in courses.
    2. Change late attempts from showing the Needs Grading to displaying a Late icon. This is my preferred solution, as it could also be applied to assignments and other graded work in the system. It would be much clearer and a more intuitive process than the current confusing one.
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