Increased visibility of in-line feedback/annotations for students

Idea created by lr0072108 on Feb 11, 2019
    Under review

    We've received concerns from lecturers who have said that many students have no idea that they've receive any feedback beyond their grade and whatever is in their feedback bubble (the blue speech bubble on the right-hand side of the Grades and Feedback screen). A large portion of the feedback that our lecturers provide to students is in the form of in-line comments and annotations on their actual submission, which unless prompted, the students often don't think to check. The academics have requested that something be put in place that makes it more obvious to students when they've received in-line marking type feedback on an assignment.


    Not sure if this is something in the pipeline, or perhaps even if there's something we can do to make this more obvious to students now (other than physically telling them, which often our academics don't know to do)?

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