Allow Child Course ID condition "is blank"  (for smart views)

Idea created by goh.ian on Feb 8, 2019
    Under review

    One of the main detractors for using an existing course as Master/Parent in course merges is the lack of the Master/Parent information in the Child CourseID column of the grade center.


    There's currently no option in Smart View Criteria for Child CourseID EQUAL BLANK or IS BLANK -- you MUST supply a value. Which means you cannot create a Smart View to display the students who are enrolled in the existing Master/Parent course.


    I did a database hack and found that the Smart View CAN support

    • User Criteria: Child Course ID
    • Condition: Equal To
    • Value: (blank)




    Here's what Child Course ID EQUAL BLANK would show as a Smart View

    Parent Master Section 01 Smart View.png

    While a normal Child Section Smart View would show

    Child Section 02 Smart View.png


    Please allow that option Child Course ID EQUAL BLANK in the UI.

    Product Version (if applicable):0