Convert LTI 1.0 links to LTI Managed Placement links

Idea created by cbeach on Feb 5, 2019
    Under review

    Currently only 'resource/x-bb-blti-link' (LTI 1.0 links) can be created via LTI content selection or REST API content creation.  LTI Managed Placement links (grade pass-back, and choosing whether to open in a new tab, etc) looks to be on the Bb roadmap.


    Once these enhanced LTI links can be created, it would be useful to have a clean way to migrate all resource/x-bb-blti-link resources in a course (or maybe by tool provider) to the new LTI links.


    If there is not a built in way, having at least a code API hook to create a simple building block to handle this migration would be useful.




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