Default starting (welcome) page in a session

Idea created by jin.tan on Feb 5, 2019
    Reviewed by Product Management

    I think many institutions provide a welcome page template (see examples) for their users. Moderators can pre-share a welcome file to help students/attendees to get started smoothly once they join in a session. However, the welcome file will not be displayed once the moderator leaves the room even though the file will stay in the session and the session is in its timespan. Our users prefer a simple default welcome page that can be displayed permanently when they join in a session. At present, they need to share a welcome file each time even though they have share the file before.


    Considering the users' requirements, I wonder if Blackboard can develop a function that allows people to choose to display a uploaded welcome file as the first page in the session or use the current default page? Or can Blackboard improve the default page to include more support information like the welcome page shows (see the above examples). In this way, it saves time for people to create a welcome page and share it in each log in. It provides simple help for people to get started. It also allows people to upload and use their own default page if they'd like too. Thank you.


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