Warning Text When Closing Courses in Ultra

Idea created by mshelmet on Feb 4, 2019
    Under review

    When Learn Ultra Navigation is enabled for a Blackboard Learn environment, both Original Course View and Ultra View courses are displayed with a roll out from the right side of the screen that places an X at the to left to collapse or close the course. In an Ultra View course, the majority of interactions where a user is creating or updating content provides a nested overlay where, if the user clicks on the X at the to left of the pane, a prompt is displayed to ask whether or not they actually want to continue without saving. If the X was clicked by mistake, the user has the option to cancel and continue working.


    However, in some cases in Ultra View courses, as well as in every case in Original Course View courses, no prompt is provided and any and all work that was created is irrevocably lost. Whether a student is creating a discussion post or an instructor is posting an elaborately crafted Item, there is no warning message provided to ask the user if they want to cancel closing the course.


    After submitting a ticket to Behind the Blackboard, it was confirmed that the product is functioning as designed and that I should come here to submit my enhancement request.


    Loss of a user's work, if easily prevented, is unacceptable. We feel that the feature, as it is currently designed for Ultra Navigation, is somewhat lacking for Ultra View courses, and severely flawed for Original Course View courses. A warning message when navigating away from a page where content or work is in progress and will be lost if the course is closed should be presented throughout the system.

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