Open LMS (Snap Theme) Message Alert 'Speech Bubble'

Idea created by ct0071302 on Feb 2, 2019
    Under review

    Hello Bb,


    I notice in all the Moodle videos that I watch that Moodle core has BOTH a notification alarm bell and a 'message speech bubble' on the header banner.  This makes it easy for the user to see both notifications and messages alerts as they arrive.


    In the SNAP theme the message "speech bubble" alert is not present. This means that users are not alerted to an incoming message and instead must manually check the 'my courses' dashboard to find out if there are any messages for them.


    As this was not a reliable way for tutors to receive messages I instigated an email repeater of all messages.  However, there can be a long delay (I have seen over an hour) before the email reaches the tutor. 


    Overall, this means that tutors are not using the message service within the LMS, preferring instead to use 'normal email'.


    Including the core Moodle feature of the message notification 'speech bubble' on the header would be a vast improvement and would help keep tutor-student communications within the LMS.


    Please consider introducing this feature into the SNAP theme.  I would greatly assist the tutors and the students in keeping communications within one place (the LMS).


    Many thanks.


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