Allow line breaks in Texts

Idea created by jin.tan on Jan 31, 2019
    Under review

    In Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, open a whiteboard. We are able to type in long texts, however we cannot add line breaks (see an example in the screenshot). This limits people to do work together in the session, for instance, moderators want students to practice identifying grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors from a paragraph.


    Blackboard suggested us:

    "...We call this “functioning as designed”. Nevertheless, at support, we do not have access to the development roadmap of the product.

    If you would like to have more text displayed / shared during a session I would suggest uploading and working with ppt(x) / pdf files instead."


    We expect Blackboard to improve the Texts feature in Whiteboard. Please allow line breaks.



    Product Version (if applicable):1