Conversation Notifications

Idea created by sh27511 on Jan 29, 2019
    Under review

    The conversation functionality in Ultra courses is a neat way to provide the students another way to interact with the content and discuss it with their peers and instructors. However, if they ask questions about the content in this manner there is no easy way for the instructor to be alerted.


    The only indications that a conversation post has been made is the purple speech bubble that appears next to the content item. The majority of our content is stored within learning modules and/or folders, for an instructor to see these notifications they need to constantly open all the learning modules and folders to check for this icon.


    There needs to be a better way for the instructors to be notified of conversations occurring on content. A notification does come through on the daily notification email, however it is listed as a new 'Discussion' post. This will confuse the instructors when they go to the discussions page and find no new posts.


    It would be great if conversation posts could appear on the daily notification email with a link to the content where the conversation occurs. Or a way to view all conversations from a more central location (perhaps the discussion page) again with links to the content is needed for this feature to be useful.

    Product Version (if applicable):1