Blackboard student app should allow customization of color bands for grades

Idea created by brianirwin on Jan 25, 2019

    When viewing grades on the student app, the grades are shown with different colours. There does not seem to be any ability to change which colours display for which grade bands. The bands appear to be fixed based on typical US grade boundaries of 90-100 = best, below 60 is red, etc.  However in the UK these colours are horribly confusing to our students as a 70 is considered a good mark but may show up yellow or such.  Below 40 would be a fail in the UK typically.  So a student who gets a 59 is seeing red despite it being a mid-level mark.


    It won't just be the UK with different marking schemes so the ability to turn the colours off for an institution or set what the appropriate grade bands are for each colour is essential.  Please design your app in a way that is flexible across different countries and systems.

    Product Version (if applicable):0