Giving students more feedback on multiple blank questions

Idea created by ee0068914 on Jan 23, 2019
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    Our math instructor uses multiple-blank test questions to submit answers. To help students learn from their mistakes, she allows students to have three attempts at solving a problem. Currently, she cannot show students which of the blanks were filled in incorrectly; they can only see their overall score on the question. So, for example, they can see that they got two of three blanks correct--but it won't show them which ones, unless she allows students to also see the answer key. This defeats the purpose of giving students multiple attempts!

    If Blackboard assessments would allow students to see which blanks they filled in incorrectly, students could use the tests in a more formative way, without making the instructor go in and grade each test to give students feedback. That's what our instructor currently has to do, so that grading tests is not automated and it is time consuming!

    A solution to this would be great!

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