Ultra Assignment Review

Idea created by sh27511 on Jan 22, 2019
    Under review

    It is quite a process for students to access inline grading comments made on assignments in Ultra. Students could end up going through this rigmarole only to find there are no comments, it needs to be clearer to the student if there have been inline comments made and it needs to be easier for students to access these.


    At present they need to:

    1. Click the assignment on the activity stream where they get the mark posted notification, then
    2. Click the assignment title on the course marks page, then
    3. Click either "your mark" or "this item is marked with a rubric" - clicking "view assignment" at this point takes you to where you can make another submission which I think a lot of students may fall into trying to view their submitted assignment. Then if you go back out to try one of the other links, they are gone as a draft has been started for the next assignment. The student then has to click '1 submitted', then
    4. Click the attempt, then
    5. Click the ellipsis on the file submitted and select preview file, then
    6. View the inline comments at last, if there are any.


    There are just too many steps and the students can get lost on any one of these.


    For starters, renaming "View Assignment" to "Start New Submission" if a submission has been made would clarify that part.


    I would like to see a link to "Review Assignment" on the post on the Activity Stream which skips steps 2-5 and takes them directly to their marked attempt, with the first file submission in preview mode by default. And perhaps an indicator to show if inline grading comments have been made or not. This could be an icon with an explanation that appears on hover over of "comments available on submission":

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