Show only the most recent attempt on Needs Grading page

Idea created by pb37672 on Jan 22, 2019
    Under review

    Background: We have teachers in our sector who use Blackboard for assignments and tests but, for various reasons, do not want to track the students' cumulative grades in Blackboard. They set up their courses so that no Grade Centre columns contribute to the students' grades. This means that nothing appears by default on the Needs Grading page, and when the "Show attempts that don't contribute to user's grade" checkbox is checked all attempts are shown.


    Problem: In cases where the student has submitted multiple attempts, the teacher sees all of them.


    Desired Behaviour: The teacher would prefer to see only the most recent attempts. Having another checkbox or filtering option for this would be great (say, "Show only most recent attempts" or "Show all attempts").

    Product Version (if applicable):0