Improve the Assignment Submissions notification for Tutors

Idea created by ct0071302 on Jan 15, 2019
    Under review

    See support Case #04065432.

    BlackBoard Open LMS - Snap theme.

    A tutor receives a notification to say "Tim has submitted an assignment" and they click on the notification expecting to be taken to make Tim's report.  But after they are taken to an intermediary page (submission portal 'stats overview' page) and have to click "GRADE".  But even this action doesn't take them to Tim's report.  It takes them to Abigail's report (top of the list).  They them have to manually select Tim's report from the dropdown menu at the top right of the page.  It seems unnecessarily complicated.

    Several tutors have suggested it would be better if clicking the 'Tim has submitted and Assignment' notification to them straight to the Student Assignment Table which displays all the students in a table. Each row has a 'GRADE' button for that student.   That, that say would be much more intuitive.  Click the notification to grade Tim's assignment, then click GRADE next to Tim's name in the table.

    That is the feature enhancement requested by the tutors as a quicker, simpler and more intuitive process.

    Grateful for you thoughts.


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