Streamline test grading

Idea created by on Jan 7, 2019
    Under review

    1. When grading tests, add editing tools to item analysis tools.


    Currently, when grading a test, if you choose to give partial or full credit for a question after a test was completed, you have to have multiple tabs open, and look at the question discrimination data on the item analysis tool, or the question statistics tool, then have to go to the grade question, find the question (which can take a while since the ordering isn't always the same), and then click on the number of responses, then click give full credit.  For autograding partial credit you have to go from grade center, edit test, find the question, click edit, then select partial credit, and enter the values, then save.


    By putting theses editing buttons on a single screen (the item analysis individual question screen) the entire grading process could be much quicker.


    2. Also, many of my colleagues are reluctant to move from scantron to online testing, mostly because of the single page print out that the scantron gives of each test.  If there was a similar output I believe it more likely folks will make the jump. The database output would need columns containing: question number; Correct Group responses for Total, upper 25% and lower 25%; point biserial; correct answer; response frequencies with correct answer indicated; and non-distractor.  It also would need basic info at the top of the page, like Standard Deviation, total possible points, student number tested, median score, mean score, high and lowest score, and Reliability coefficient (KR20).

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