Reintroduce tool availability configuration for LTI tools

Idea created by mb0047876 on Jan 7, 2019
    Reviewed by Product Management

    In versions of Learn prior to Q2 2018, it was possible to configure the availability of LTI tools in the "Tools" menu (System admin menu), and in each course. This was very useful for a large organization with quite a number of tools integrated through LTI, and where a number of them are field-specific or method-specific. As of Q2 2018 this feature has been removed by design. It is now simplified and all LTI tools are available in all courses.


    We hope you can reconsider this change and reintroduce the configuration option. Without it, our strategy of providing instructors a wide assortment of tools to supplement the functionality available in the LMS is no longer feasible. This is a shame, and it forces us into a situation where we are unable to provide field-specific functionality to instructors as we can only implement LTI tools relevant to all instructors, or we have to develop in-house building blocks to get around it.


    Benefits of allowing tool availability configuration for LTI tools:

    • We were able to ensure that some LTI tools were always on for all courses, while other LTI tools were available for instructors to turn on in their course if they need it.
      • Especially useful as some tools are specific to a field: inststructors who teach linguistics hardly need access to Matlab Grader, and should not see this tool in their menus.
    • Through the institutional hierarchy, we could ensure a specific LTI tool was off for all courses, except in certain department - or vice versa. As such, it also enabled us to roll out new LTI tools slowly and on a per-department basis (crucial for a large institution).
    • It enabled us to purchase a smaller license for an LTI tool, as it was only enabled for the single department which needed it. For a large organization, LTI tools are expensive, but very valuable supplements. Being able to purchase licenses on a department level helps a lot.
    • As a result, this configuration made sure that the menus were not clogged up by lots of tools that a lot of instructors did not need, and it was feasible to purchase LTI tools even if only a subset of instructors need it.
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