Make shareable URL static

Idea created by rlipe on Jan 5, 2019

    The User page in my Coursites Blackboard account has a shareable URL that allows users to self enroll.  Because students will enroll sporadically over a 3 week period, batch enrolling them or enrolling them 1 by 1 is not very convenient.  Instead, I can make the link available to them and let them set up their own account and access my class.

    Recently, a bug has become apparent.  Any time I open the user page in my class, the shareable URL changes.  Thus, if I post the link then open the user page again, the posted link becomes invalid.  When it fails, students contact Coursesites help, but the techs have not found a way around this problem.

    My idea - make the shareable link to a course static so that it does not update every time I open the USER page.

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