Change behavior or display of inserted recorded feedback in VTBE

Idea created by st0069572 on Jan 4, 2019
    Under review

    The new(er) Record Feedback feature is great & our instructors love it. However, it confuses them a little that after they save and insert the feedback into the "Feedback to Learner" VTBE, it is no longer playable.


    these two views don't allow the instructor to play, this is when adding feedback to the attempt:




    This Grade details view does allow the media to be played:



    This is because it is in an "editable" state and behaves the same way as all other embedded media in a VTBE - however, this audio feedback displays as a play button exactly how it displays for students, and for instructors on the grade details page where they *can* play the audio.


    This is unlike other embedded media, where it will just display a yellow box that isn't interactive until it is submitted. Making it look different when in the editing state would help instructors know that they cannot play the media.


    It could also help to change the Feedback to Learner areas when viewing an assignment or other type of attempt to have a submitted/viewable state. For example, other types of items like announcements or content items. They are submitted and then but be edited to get to the editable state. That way instructors don't have to go to Grade Details just to view the media they attached to the feedback. It's not super intuitive.

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