Text Editor Enhancement Request for Learn Original

Idea created by rs28480 on Dec 21, 2018
    Under review

    Blackboard uses TinyMCE as its rich text editor for all Items, Assignments, Discussion Boards, etc. We often get complaints from students that formatted text that they copy and paste from Word requires a lot of reformatting after pasting into Blackboard.

    I have spoken with Wade Fields and expressed my concern that BB really needs a better text editor, one that allows a "Paste from Word" tool that wills trip the superfluous code from the text before pasting it into Blackboard. He suggested that I submit an Idea here.

    Would it be possible to either look for another text editor for Learn Original or put some pressure on TinyMCE to make theirs better with regards to pasting formatted text from Word and other programs into Blackboard?

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