Make the "Jump to" command in Grade Center smarter

Idea created by dedberg on Dec 19, 2018
    Under review

    In “Grade Assignment”, I need to use the “Jump To” command frequently. EVERY SINGLE TIME I use it, I have to choose from a list of 14 or more assignments assignments and scroll down to the desired one.

    How about changing it so that there is a default choice (or make the one that appears in the window first) to be 1) whatever number the CURRENT assignment is and NOT the list of 14 or more, starting with number 1 at the top?

    In addition, if there are multiple attempts in the selected student’s window, can BB be made to default to the latest or most current attempt?

    And, if there is JUST ONE attempt, can’t it be made to just default to that one attempt so no choice needs to be scrolled down?

    Product Version (if applicable):0