Easier admin conversion of ultra courses

Idea created by david.soliday on Dec 17, 2018

    In a dual environment with faculty opt-in to the Ultra course view where they must contact the Help Desk to get the course converted from Original, it's very time-consuming to convert courses to Ultra. In your own documentation it's a 7-step process that requires at least 12 mouse clicks--2 more if you want to check conversion details. Plus, when you say yes to trying the Ultra view, it takes you back to the base nav Courses screen (rather than the admin course list,) and the 'Experience the new Learn' button doesn't show up if you open the course in a new browser tab (to avoid going back to the base navigation.


    We have faculty who were in our fall Ultra pilot who would like to use Ultra with all their spring courses, so we're having to go through the above process with up to a half-a-dozen courses at a time. The courses are empty, except for our default content, which is all Ultra-friendly.


    There needs to be an easier way for system admins to convert individual courses--or even batches of courses--to the Ultra course view in the System Administrator Panel.

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