REST API: Number of course memberships

Idea created by md0049252 on Dec 10, 2018
    Reviewed by Product Management

    Currently, you can use the REST API to get memberships in a course, and if there are more - you receive a paging attribute and can go to the next page.


    Since you can't use one call to get all course memberships (or user memberships), the next best thing would be to get these asynchronously. Currently, you just have to guess how many calls that should be and ignore any that come back as errors. It is currently FASTER to just do 10 asynchronous calls in chunks of 200 (even if 3 fail), then to do 7 synchronous calls until the paging stops.


    If there was an endpoint to just return N, the number of users in the course (or the number of memberships the user has) then developers could avoid the fast failing, and just do the right number of asynchronous calls.


    Thanks for the consideration. Ryan Haber


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