Notification setting to notify when user is added to a course

Idea created by mdeeprose on Dec 5, 2018
    Reviewed by Product Management

    The notification system has lots of useful notifications, but one that I feel is missing is to notify a user when they are added to a course.


    Sometimes our users don't notice or realise they have been added to a course until they have received an announcement or email from it.  This means they could have lost some valuable time to make use of the course.


    The notification system allows administrators to enforce/disable notifications and choose whether users can enable or disable them, so this additional notification would not introduce any extra unneccesary emails - they would be just as configurable as other existing notifications.


    I believe this would be useful for both instructors and students.  I have one particular use case for this from a project I am doing.  When staff report they cannot see a course in Blackboard it is because they have not been listed in our central database (Banner) as teaching it.  Once they are listed in Banner they will be automatically added to the Blackboard course within 24 hours (we update three times daily against Banner).  I have done some measurements and found it can take instructors an average of 5 days (lowest recorded time 13 minutes and longest recorded time 33 days)  from being added to the course in Blackboard and accessing it.


    If they received an email telling them they now had access to the course they would probably access it more quickly on average than if they did not have a notification.

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