Allow javascript download link in pool questions

Idea created by davedixon on Dec 3, 2018
    Under review

    I generate sets of pool questions, each of which has a short (12 rows) two-column table of numbers. The student will do some statistics, a regression, or similar. Each question has a different set of numbers. In the question pools I can include this as a comma-delimited list in the question that the student can cut and paste. It would be so much better, however, to use a javascript download like this

    <a id='a' download='ELAS0001.csv' type='text/csv'>download data (CSV)</a><script>var csv = 'demand,price\n  1295, 3.18\n  1248, 4.56\n  1380, 2.98\n  1442, 2.86\n  1678, 2.84\n  1159, 4.92\n  1194, 5.33\n  1493, 4.42\n  1358, 5.22\n  1453, 3.99\n  1273, 4.89\n  1211, 5.78\n';var data = new Blob([csv]);var a = document.getElementById('a');a.href = URL.createObjectURL(data);</script>

    This works if I put it in the Content Collection as an html file, but it doesn't work in pool questions.

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