Keep  the "Highest" Scores in Grade Center Calculations

Idea created by agilbert14 on Nov 29, 2018
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    I apologize if this idea was submitted somewhere before. This is from a faculty member on our campus:


    Hello, folks. At this time of the semester I’m reminded how very much I miss a feature that was available in ANGEL that’s missing from Blackboard. When setting up a computed column we have the option of dropping the X lowest scores. In ANGEL, we had that option but also had the option of keeping the X highest scores. Once the semester is over and grades are finalized these two options are the same, but as the semester is progressing they are quite different. My students do an activity nearly every day in class, so by the end of the semester they’ll have 25 of them. I only count the 20 highest ones, dropping the five lowest. However, at this point when they’ve completed 23 of them, their point total is misleading because all 23 are counting, even the lower ones. I can tell Blackboard to drop those three, but then as each new one is completed I have to change the number I want it to drop. I can’t just tell it to drop all five because until the end of the semester that’s misleading as well (and if I take that option from the beginning of the semester it means none of them will count until we get to day six, which is really misleading). As a result I have to keep tinkering with that column throughout the semester. I would dearly love to be able to set it to take the 20 highest scores and leave it alone.


    Is there any chance of persuading Blackboard to add an option to keep high scores? From my naïve, non-programmer perspective it doesn’t seem like it should be much harder to implement than the option of dropping low scores. Thanks.

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