Ability for instructors to not receive email notifications for announcments

Idea created by jr0055445 on Nov 28, 2018
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    Dear BB,

    We have many staff enrolled in many different course sites (sometimes hundreds) who do not wish to receive emails from all course announcements, where the "Email Announcement" box is ticked. Clearly the course instructor needs to reach students (enrolled in a course) to receive the announcements, but staff do not want to receive potentially hundreds of emails from these. This is currently not possible, as confirmed by Blackboard in a recent case lodged (Case #04020259).


    Blackboard have looked into this and have replied that it is functioning as designed.  When an instructor creates an announcement they have the option Email Announcement to send students an email containing the announcement. The email is sent to all students, even those who choose not to receive announcement notifications through email.  Essentially this option overrides the users and course notification preferences.  Please see the following help.blackboard.com article:



    The only workaround is not to tick the “Email Announcement “ box, which will sends an Announcement is Available notification whereas when you tick Email Announcement it is emailing the announcement to the users. However, this is not really an acceptable option if tutors wish to email students.


    Blackboard, can you please look into a resolution for this?




    John Rogers | Applcations administrator

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    The University of Notre Dame Australia

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