Extend List of Sessions in Collaborate Classic

Idea created by sb0047778 on Nov 22, 2018
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    Creating this idea on behalf of 21st Century Cyber Charter School:



    We are using BBC Classic via an LTI integration with Moodle.

    Currently when a student opens the BBC session, they see a list of all meetings in that session.

    Issue is, we have a lot of meetings! You can see in the "before" image, the user only sees 11 sessions and has to scroll to see the rest (Session Names were removed by Support), and the problem is it's not obvious that you have to scroll because the session list "stops" at what seems like the end of the small window. Currently the height of that list container is set to 460px and then theres about 300px of white space beneath it.


    If you remove that very short height (as seen in the "after" image), then the full screen height can be better utilized instead of a seeing a large white gap of 300px. This way, many more sessions can be viewed when there is more than a 460px height. When the sessions go to the bottom of the viewable screen, then it is intuitive that you need to scroll down to see more.


    If this page were house in our LMS, I could add some CSS to override that very small height, but since it is not housed internally my css won't do anything. Would you (BBC) could consider making that height larger on your end?


    Before (list-container height:460 px):




    But in short, we're looking for a way to extend the list of the sessions that show up on the screen without the need to scroll.



    Product Version (if applicable):0