Finish developing Portfolios options

Idea created by pam.harvey on Nov 21, 2018
    Under review

    We have one of our six schools that wants to use portfolios, so I turned it on in a test environment and ran into the following issues:

    1) Cannot delegate administration of portfolios to a node admin in the Institutional Hierarchy. What that means is that they can't develop templates without being given FULL SYSTEM ADMIN access. The only workaround we can come up with is that we give that school's admin full SA on test, she develops the template, then I recreate it in production.

    2) I have to recreate it because there is no export/import option for portfolio templates

    3) When creating a portfolio template, there is no VTBE for setting up the section instructions. You have plain text, that's it.

    4) In order to have portfolios available to only one school, I have to turn it ON by default in SA/Tools, then turn it off and lock it in all other school nodes. However when it's turned off and locked for another school, that school does NOT see the tool, but it DOES still see Portfolio submission as an option in Assignments. At least AFAIK. I have a ticket in to see if there's any way to prevent it, but I'm not optimistic.

    This is proving to be an exceedingly buggy tool, especially when being used in a multi-node (Institutional Hierarchy) environment. Please enable admin delegation, export/import of templates, VTBE options for template creations and fix the Portfolios submission bug.


    Product Version (if applicable):0