Handle HTML in Announcements VTBE better

Idea created by st0069572 on Nov 21, 2018
    Under review

    Instructors often use Announcements to send out emails to students (by checking the "send immediately" checkbox)


    Sometimes they copy & paste from other programs with the formatting they want.


    This HTML will sometimes look fine in Blackboard, but then get changed/look weird when sent out as an email. Or maybe it won't even look right in Blackboard.


    If the emails cant be fixed to more closely match the formatting in Blackboard, there should at least be a warning message when entering text that isn't Blackboard-native that it will appear incorrectly in some formats until it is scrubbed.


    Didn't know I could Edit the original post - EDIT:


    the real problem is the VTBE will default to Open Sans even though that's not an option and it says Arial in the font picker. You can't get Arial to display unless you highlight text and toggle it to something else and back to Arial. I do have a ticket in on this & they said it's a known issue - no ETA on a fix (so it's probably never happening IMO). It further hurts the display of these announcements as emails because Open Sans shows up as Times New Roman in desktop outlook on Windows. Arial would be more compatible with other programs. Have an angry instructor because of this.


    This is so much more important than it seems - instructors can lose credibility with their students if their communication comes off as unprofessional.

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