Edit active Tests in Ultra

Idea created by cp26209 on Nov 15, 2018
    Under review

    We are piloting Ultra Course View and the question of being able to edit active exams for typos and incorrect answers has come up.


    From BtBb "according to our SAAS Documentation ..., "...You can edit the text of most questions and answers, even after students have made submissions." However, "After students open the test, you can't add new questions and answers, delete a question, move the content, edit the values, or change which answers are correct.

    Please also note that, "You can't edit Fill in the Blank or Fill in Multiple Blanks questions after students open the test."


    Occasionally faculty get Test Banks with incorrect answers marked, or in my case all T/F questions marked T as correct, when it wasn't. These errors are not found until students take the exams and start looking at their wrong answers and report them.


    I understand not being able to add new questions and answers. But, we need to be able to edit questions, delete questions, edit values and change which answers are correct in Ultra, just as we can in Original today. Our faculty are used to being able to do this.


    If this is already on the roadmap, please let me know when it is targeted for.


    Thank you,


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