Option to have Course Links use availability of linked Content Items

Idea created by st0069572 on Nov 15, 2018
    Under review

    Currently we have many courses with Quizzes and Tests spread throughout several folders, in between other content items in a "linear design." It's a pain to support this when all exams/quizzes aren't on the same page. So we add a "Quizzes & Exams" Content Area page using Course Links to link to each Quiz/Exam.


    The problem is that instructors will get confused and set up availability dates on the Exam, but not the Course Link to the Exam, or the other way around. So maybe students can see a link one place but not the other.


    I think it would make more sense to have course links inherit the settings of their linked content items. Or, to at least have the option to link the availability of the link and the actual item so they are always the same.

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