Clarify how to submit an assignment (or enforce file-only submission)

Idea created by wt0069224 on Nov 14, 2018
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    In Ultra, it is unclear to students how to submit an assignment as all they see is a web editor to insert text. They do not recognise the ‘+’ icon in the editor toolbar as an indication that you would upload a file to submit an assignment.


    Some students have typed their whole assignment into the text editor and submitting that. Then when the lecturer receives it, they are unable to download or preview in Box to provide annotated feedback.


    In probably 90% of assignments in our system, it is expected that the student upload one or more files, and not expected that they actually enter any textual comments directly at all.



    Could this interface be radically cleaned up? The following mockup would actually be much more appropriate in 99% of cases:

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