Mobile Rubric Grading without Submission

Idea created by dp0068545 on Nov 14, 2018
    Under review

    Currently instructors can associated a rubric with a Grade Center column and then use the rubric to grade students when there is nothing for the students to submit if they're using a browser. It would be great to add this capability to the Instructor app for the Original experience. (Currently rubrics can only be used for grading when they are associated with an assignment and the student has submitted the assignment. Another way to achieve the same idea is to simply remove the restriction on grading only submitted assignments.) There are many cases when it is much more convenient to do this kind of observational grading with a mobile device rather than a laptop. Specifically, here at the US Air Force Academy, we would like this capability to carry out assessment during field exercises when it is impractical to have laptops and have cadets submit an assignment.

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